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 WiFi Troubleshooting Guide: Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Within large-scale business environments such as factories and warehouses, a reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure serves as the backbone for critical operations spanning inventory management, equipment monitoring, and inter-staff communication. However, the emergence of Wi-Fi complications within these industrial settings can trigger significant productivity downturns and operational hiccups.

That’s precisely why we’re here – to provide you with the support and tools you need to overcome Wi-Fi challenges effectively and empower you with the strategies to maintain seamless operations in your business environment.

Slow WiFi speed

Sluggish Wi-Fi speeds can impede critical tasks and workflows within factories and warehouses. To enhance Wi-Fi speed, there are various factors to experiment with, including:


  • Assess router placement: It’s essential to strategically position Wi-Fi routers across your facility to reduce signal interference and ensure comprehensive coverage, especially over expansive areas.
  • Upgrade to business-grade equipment: Invest in business-grade WiFi routers and access points tailored for industrial environments. These specialised devices are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, providing superior performance and reliability compared to consumer-grade alternatives.
  • Implement WiFi optimisation tools: Start by selecting less congested channels to minimise interference from neighbouring networks. Next, prioritise critical traffic through effective bandwidth management, ensuring essential applications receive sufficient resources to prevent congestion. Monitor usage patterns using traffic analysis tools to allocate resources efficiently and anticipate potential bottlenecks. Additionally, enabling roaming optimization will facilitate seamless transitions between access points, providing uninterrupted connectivity for mobile devices across your industrial environment.
Wifi Survey

Intermittent connection drops

In these bustling industrial settings, where seamless connectivity is essential for maintaining productivity and efficiency, unexpected disruptions can lead to significant downtime and operational delays. Understanding the causes and solutions for intermittent connection drops is therefore paramount for ensuring uninterrupted operations in factories and warehouses.

  • Conduct site surveys: Perform comprehensive site surveys to identify areas with inadequate Wi-Fi coverage or signal interference. By pinpointing these trouble spots, you can adjust router placement or install additional access points to ensure seamless connectivity throughout the facility.
  • Utilise industrial-grade antennas: Consider deploying industrial-grade antennas equipped with directional capabilities to concentrate Wi-Fi signals in specific directions. This minimises signal loss and enhances signal reliability, particularly in areas with challenging environmental conditions.
  • Implement redundant network configurations: Set up redundant network configurations, such as failover systems and backup connections, to mitigate the impact of connection drops and maintain continuous operations.

 WiFi network not showing up

In scenarios where WiFi networks are not detected by devices within the facility, take the following steps:


  • Verify network visibility settings: Confirm that Wi-Fi networks are configured to be broadcasted and that SSIDs (network names) are not hidden within router settings.
  • Perform device reboots: Promptly restart Wi-Fi routers and access points to refresh network configurations and facilitate network detection by devices.
  • Opt for industrial-grade networking equipment: Invest in industrial-grade Wi-Fi equipment designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions commonly found in factories and warehouses, such as extreme temperatures and dust.

When it’s time to have a WiFi survey

If you have followed the above pointers and still having Wifi issues, it may be time to book a professional to carry out a WiFi survey.

These issues may arise due to various factors, including signal interference, inadequate coverage, or network congestion. Conducting a Wi-Fi survey in such situations allows for a comprehensive evaluation of your current network setup.

Throughout the survey, specialised equipment is employed to assess signal strength, pinpoint weak coverage spots, and identify sources of interference. This meticulous process entails mapping out the facility in detail and noting variations in signal strength across different areas. By accurately identifying the underlying causes of connectivity issues, such as physical obstructions or electromagnetic interference from machinery, the survey reveals valuable insights that can guide potential solutions.

Based on the findings, adjustments can be made to the placement of routers and access points to optimise coverage and minimise interference. Additional access points may be installed in critical areas to ensure seamless connectivity throughout the facility. Moreover, the survey may uncover opportunities to fine-tune network settings, such as channel selection and transmit power adjustments, to mitigate congestion and improve performance.

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