Wi-Fi Health Check Survey

Wi-Fi health check surveys are intended for sites with an existing Wi-Fi network. DW WiFi are able to conduct a passive Wi-Fi survey of your  Wi-Fi network. These surveys are ideal for sites who have Wi-Fi performance or connectivity issues and require a Wi-Fi engineer to conduct a full audit of their Wi-Fi network including a full Wi-Fi survey using heat mapping software.

We survey using a Wi-Fi tablet running a product called Tamograph to compile a series of visualisations commonly known as heat maps. An example heat map depicting Wi-Fi signal strength is shown below. The strongest Wi-Fi signal is depicted by dark green. The weakest signal is depicted in red with all the graduations of shade in between.

We provide a number of other visualisations on a ‘per Wi-Fi access point’ basis to show the coverage footprint of each access point and identifies the size of overlap of access point coverage cells.

In addition to the Tamograph ‘heat map’ report and bespoke survey document is provided in which the findings of the visit are appraised thus highlighting all the issues identified together with recommendations on how to resolve.

The survey is able to identify many Wi-Fi issues, some of the most common of which are weak signal, poor radio channel planning, co-channel interference, badly deployed access points, incorrect antennas, coverage ‘dead spots’, interference and rogue access points.

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Wi-FI Survey Heat Map