WiFi Site Surveys

WiFi Site Survey Test Kit
Pre Site Survey Questionnaire

DW WiFi provides a Pre-Site Survey Questionnaire. This document gathers the requirements of the partner and their end user customer. The importance of this is clear for all parties concerned in that this approach determines the remit of the WiFi site survey and ensures that no areas of the site are overlooked.
This questionnaire document is usually perceived as useful to the customer in that it raises questions such as the data throughput speed required, the type of clients proposed and whether or not the system will be 'mission critical' and hence require some form of redundancy.
DW WiFi uses the completed questionnaire to assess the resources required in order to successfully conduct the site survey.

Site Survey Report

The WiFi site survey report is considered of paramount importance by DW WiFi in that it represents the deliverable documentation received by the end user customer. It is completed and submitted to the partner company 2-3 days after the WiFi site survey has been conducted. The report is very detailed and includes a summary of the required WiFi equipment and accessories. 

Partner companies have the option to also engage DW WiFi on the WiFi Configuration & Commissioning should they so wish.  

DW WiFi welcomes new partners. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you be considering our services.